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Super Drew!

At Moxie's Mission, we're always looking for opportunities to make a difference in the lives of those in need. This time, our hearts were touched by the story of 10-year-old Super Drew.

Drew is an 11-year-old fighter who is battling his 4th round of brain cancer. Despite the challenges he faces, Drew remains resilient and hopeful. His unwavering spirit inspired our team at Moxie's Mission to step in and lend a helping hand.

As part of our mission to support individuals and families in need, we were thrilled to contribute $5000, the final funding necessary for Drew to receive his much-needed service dog. Drew's adorable black and white doodle, named Snoopy, is currently in training to become his loyal companion and helper during this difficult journey.

Snoopy will not only provide emotional support, comfort and companionship to Drew but will also be trained to assist him with various tasks and sensory calming techniques specific to his needs. The bond between these two will undoubtedly grow stronger with each passing day as they tackle life's hardships hand in paw.

This donation has been made possible by the generous contributions from our supporters. Together, we have been able to assist Drew in his time of need and bring some joy into his life.

Thank you for your support! Every dollar raised brings us closer to empowering lives and creating unforgettable bonds between people and their service dogs.

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