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How can Moxie and Katie come to your school or group??
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(options for all ages)

More than just a lovable companion to Katie, Moxie demonstrates the true meaning of perseverance and resilience by assisting her in daily tasks.

Welcoming Moxie and Katie into your school community is a transformative opportunity for students to learn about inclusion, empathy, and overcoming challenges.

Introducing Moxie, a dedicated service dog and her owner Katie....Here to inspire your school community!


Katie will share her personal journey, emphasize the significance of service dogs, and offer insightful education about disabilities. Students will have the chance to witness Moxie's helpful skills, learn about various support dog types, and engage in a Q&A session, depending on the venue's arrangement. The presentation will focus on promoting acceptance, fostering hope, emphasizing perseverance, and embracing the power of kindness. 

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Palm trees endure the fiercest storms, emerging even stronger. Similarly, we all face life's storms, but can you withstand and grow from them?

Be inspired as Katie recounts her journey through life's challenges, pushing forward and ultimately gaining strength.

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Contact Katie Harris for more info!

Customized options are available.

We are committed to doing what we can to work with your budget and needs.
Email to talk about options and get Moxie's Mission on the calendar!


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